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Many different websites promise quotes from several different lenders.  Is this the same thing?  

I have been hearing ads about applying online for years now.  Is this the same thing? 

I have always used a loan officer to close all of my previous home loans.  How can I do myself what I used to pay a fee for someone to do?

How do I know I am getting the best rate available?

If there is no loan officer, who do I talk to if I have a question?

If there is no Loan Officer, how do I sign my loan docs?

I have always had excellent credit, don’t I deserve a better interest rate as a result?

Many different websites promise quotes from several different lenders.  Is this the same thing?  
Do you know someone who has made the mistake of applying on one of these “get multiple quotes now” websites?  I bet they were surprised when they were overwhelmed with phone calls from different mortgage brokers trying to sell them a loan.  Is that what you really want?  To be flooded with calls from pushy salesman trying to sell you on why they are the latest and greatest?  If you think about it, they are asking you to raise your hand and say, “Please have at least four salesman, if not more, call me and try to sell me something.”   Who in their right mind would want this? You know what you want.  You want to know the details of the loan and you want to close it simply and efficiently with no gimmicks.  You do not want to be talked into some exotic loan or sold higher fees just so someone can earn a higher commission. 

I have been hearing ads about applying online for years now.  Is this the same thing?
Most other mortgage companies have a generic “apply here” section on their websites.  But, if you look closely, they are simply asking for you to give them all of your personal information so a salesman can call you and sell you a loan.  If you wanted that, wouldn’t you pick up the phone and call them?  At Close Your Own Loan, you will view your new interest rate and payment options, choose your own loan program and select your own rate without ever dealing with a salesman.  If you enjoy haggling with salesmen trying to get them to reduce their commission, we’re sorry.  You’ll have to go to the used car lot for that.

I have always used my local lender to close all of my previous home loans.  How does CloseYourOwnLoan.com differ?
Here at Close Your Own Loan, we use a state of the art automated underwriting engine.  This sophisticated computer underwriting system is able to analyze every aspect of an applicant’s ability to qualify and has streamlined the loan process significantly.  Don’t worry.  You won’t have to figure out how to use this system.  Once you complete the online application and send the requested information to one of our experienced processors, they will run your file through this automated underwriting engine.    No more high pressure salesman.  No more empty promises by someone trying to earn a commission.  Just a simple, automated and efficient loan closing.  

How do I know I am getting the best rate available?
You don’t want to spend hours on the phone getting the runaround from who knows how many different salespeople about how their programs or rates are the best.  You could spend all day comparing interest rates and programs yourself and still not be as good at it as it as we are.  You simply don’t have the relationships or expertise that we do.  You also don’t want to be taken advantage of or miss out on an opportunity.  Close Your Own Loan.com has access to literally thousands of different loan programs.  We continually monitor each and every interest rate and program to find who is offering the most competitive interest rate at that moment.  This can change daily, but don’t worry, we have an entire department who’s job it is to monitor this so you don’t have to.

 Who do I talk to if I have a question?

At Close Your Own Loam.com you can skip the salesman, not the mortgage company.  Once you have chosen your interest rate and loan program, simply click Select Interest Rate and Go To Application.  When you have completed the simplified online loan application, you will be assigned a Loan Coordinator and a Processor. 

Loan Coordinator

Your Loan Coordinator is entirely devoted to making sure your every desire, concern, or question is addressed quickly and efficiently.  Your Loan Coordinator will be monitoring your loan from the day your application is received to the day your loan funds to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Your Loan Coordinator is also available for any consultation or advice you might require.  Whether you want to explore different loan programs, discuss different interest rate options, or just need some advice on what to expect, your Loan Coordinator is completely dedicated to making sure you are comfortable and confident in your loan selection. 

Your Loan Coordinator's e-mail and phone number will be e-mailed to you once your application is received.  This information is also available in your secure account under the Contact Info tab.  Please do not ever hesitate to contact your Loan Coordinator.  They are here to help. 


Your Processor will be handling all of the paperwork associated with your loan.  Your Processor's contact information will also be e-mailed to you once you have completed the simplified online loan application.  Please feel free to contact your Processor at any point during the loan process.

Secure Online Account

In addition to your Loan Coordinator and your Processor, you can get an up to the minute status of your loan application and what needs to be completed to finalize the loan at any time by logging in to your secure account.  Simply click the tab on the top that says Account Login to access your secure account any time, day or night. 


How do I sign my loan docs?
Our electronic document delivery system allows you to view and print your application and initial disclosures safely and conveniently in the comfort of your own home.  There is no more waiting 2-7 days for a courier service to deliver the documents to and from a Loan Officer.  You simply input your information into our safe and secure application section and click submit.  Your application and disclosures will be downloaded automatically to you. Once your final loan approval is issued and your final loan documents have been drawn, one of our mobile notaries will contact you to schedule a time to bring the final loan documents to your home or office to complete the signing.  You no longer need to take time off form work to go to an escrow office to sign.  Isn’t life easier now that you can Close Your Own Loan?

I have always had excellent credit, don’t I deserve a better interest rate as a result?
You have spent years protecting your credit and paying your bills on time.  Don’t you think you deserve a better than market interest rate and payment as a reward for your consistent efforts?  We do.  Other companies may sell you as high of an interest rate as they think you will pay so they can earn the highest commission possible.  If you have perfect credit, you don’t need someone to help you get around credit issues, so why do you even need a high pressure salesperson?  You simply don’t.  Close Your Own Loan and keep the commission.