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Can I refinance into a new loan?

A new first mortgage refinance should always be your first course of action.  However, due to today’s tight lending standards and declining property values, this is not always a realistic option. 

To explore your refinancing options and check property values in your area, please click Get Started and enter your details in to our online mortgage calculator.

When a refinance is not a realistic option due to late payments on your mortgage, loss of job, declining property values or any other serious hardship, Close Your Own Loan.com will work to alter the terms of your mortgage to find a workable solution between you and your lender. 


There is no more time to waste.  You now have a viable solution to your mortgage problem and can save your home and protect your family.


Call Close Your Own Loan.com at 1-800-276-2965 and press 1 to speak with a Mortgage Modification Specialist or click here for your free no obligation consultation.