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Are you behind on your mortgage?Mortgage Loan Modification

             Facing foreclosure?

                        Unable to refinance? 


A mortgage loan modification may be the answer!


A mortgage loan modification can transform your existing loan into something you can work with.


We can help by working with your existing lender to modify your existing mortgage into more favorable terms. 

  • Have you suffered financial hardship?
  • Have you lost your job or been laid off? 
  • Have you received a notice of default?
  • Are you a victim of predatory lending?
  • Do you want to avoid foreclosure?

We can help!


A mortgage loan modification is not a refinance, so there is no need to worry about qualifying for a new mortgage.  We simply work with the loan you already have to negotiate more affordable payments and interest rates and put you back on track to financial stability. 


Get help now.  Speak with a Mortgage Loan Modification Specialist at 1-800-276-2965 and select option 1 or click here for your free no obligation consultation.


What is a mortgage loan modification?


A mortgage loan modification is not a refinance.  We work with your existing lender to give you more favorable terms that will allow you to keep your home. 


The most common modifications are:

  • lowering the interest rate and payment
  • reducing the principal balance
  • converting an adjustable rate to a fixed rate
  • forgiveness of missed payments 
  • removal of late fees
  • halting foreclosure
  • or any combination of these


A mortgage modification can help homeowners who can’t refinance or afford their current payments by simply working out new terms on their existing loan. Getting mortgage help for troubled homeowners can help stop the foreclosure process.


With so many adjustable rate home loans resetting to higher payments, lenders are overwhelmed with defaults and foreclosures.  A mortgage loan modification with the assistance of Close Your Own Loan.com can modify your loan terms quickly and effectively to save your house.


Obtaining the help of someone who is experienced in mortgage loan modifications will get you a better mortgage modification agreement than you can obtain on your own.  If you are already behind in your mortgage payments, we may be able to help stop the foreclosure process and help you avoid foreclosure.


A loan workout needs to make sense for both the homeowner and the lender.  Your lender does not want to foreclose on your home.  They would much rather receive your monthly payments instead of going through the time consuming and expensive foreclosure process.  However, if you are several months behind on your mortgage payments they may not be willing to accept partial payments and may threaten to commence foreclosure proceedings.  


We can offer free foreclosure help and advice to stop the foreclosure process and help homeowners who want to keep their home.


Get help now.  Speak with a Mortgage Loan Modification Specialist at 1-800-276-2965 and select option 1 or click here for your free no obligation consultation.